Company is a company devoted to batteries business. As a batteries wholesale distributor serious company, we don t sell our products to consumers, as we understand we don t want to compete with our wholesaler and retailer costumers, but we want to supply them the goods then them make the businesses. is a proud distributor of CH Batteries, for their products: cellular phone batteries, video batteries, camera batteries, cordless phone batteries, AA batteries, AAA batteries and other rechargeable batteries and rechargeable cells.

We are also wholesale distributors of:

Sony batteries:
watch batteries, calculator batteries, etc.

Maxell batteries:
watch batteries, calculator batteries, alkaline button cells, AA and AAA batteries, etc.

Sanyo batteries:
photo batteries, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries, cordless batteries, etc.

Panasonic batteries:
cordless phone packs among others.

GP batteries:
special alkaline batteries ľA23, A27-, rechargeable batteries-AA, AAA, C, Sub C, D, 9v., phone batteries, etc.

Our company is based in Miami, FL and due the high quality of our products and its low prices, we can serve wholesaler, distributor and retailer companies in USA, as well as import companies in five continents.

Don´t hesitate to contact us.
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